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TAdvEdit is a component which offers developers an advanced editing control option. This components comes with a data-aware and a non data-aware version of Advanced Edit Control and Advanced Mask Edit Control.


data-aware & non data-aware version of advanced edit control and advanced mask edit control
focus color, focus border color, colored on modify, disabled color
move focus to next control with return or tab
numeric right aligned input
uppercase, lowercase, mixed case input
numeric & alpha numeric only input
auto focus, focus border
attached label
flat style
fixed suffixes and prefixes
different types : numeric, float, money, hex, range
precision for float edit style
automatic thousand separator inserting for money style input
URL aware
associated AdvInputQuery method that improves the standard InputQuery with the many TAdvEdit functions.
properties to obtain the value as integer or float for numeric and float edit style
events for all clipboard actions
automatic persistence through INI file or registry
OLE drag and drop support
different color when edit value is invalid
different width & alignment during focus
empty text string to display grayed text while edit control is empty
automatic thousand separator insertion
Excel style decimal separator behaviour
Error marking while not editing
Outlook style lookup popup with various settings to control look and behaviour
Release notes: New Release
TE Fixed : Lookup dropdown size calculation
[ TAdvEdit full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: edit control   Control Editor   Edit Component   edit   modify   editor  

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